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I was doing some research about telephonophobia recently. In case you didn't know telephonophobia is a fear of telephones, and yes, this might be a serious problem. Looks like I am personally not too bad, however, I am not well off either.

Turned out that telephonophobia might be caused by various reasons, but the major ones are as follows:

1. A person had a very unpleasant experience with the phone in the past - this is the most obvious way for a phobia to develop. However, it did not apply in my case. When I was a little kid, we had no phone at all, and we only got one at home after I started college. I did not have my personal phone line until about 3 years ago (isn't that exciting to know? :)), but I already had a phobia before that.

2. Telephonophobia as a result of a case of phonophobia. Phonophobia is a phobia of sounds in general. It is possible that a person had an unpleasant experience with some kind of sudden sounds in the past (and, as a matter of fact, it does not even have to be a recurring experience - even one especially unpleasant experience can lead to phobia development). Later this feeling can transfer to other sounds (like phone ring in case of telephonophobia). This is the way our brain works, unfortunately. Once a phone ring is associated with uncomfortable feelings, another round of associations kicks in, and a fear of anything related to telephones develops. This is the most likely scenario that took place in my case.

The morals of the story is that in order to treat the telephonophobia one need to find out what the initial stimulus was, that is, what sound(s) was (were) so unpleasant as to initiate the phobias chain reaction. This is complicated with the fact that once you focus on the final result (telephonophobia), your brain may even forget what caused it, and, what's even more interesting, you might not even have a negative reaction to initial stimulus that was the main cause your phobia developed! And at this point of time, I have no idea what an initial stimulus could have been...

Should I go see a shrink? Even though telephonophobia is not all that terrible (I can still utilize the phone however unpleasant this may feel) and it's nothing compared to fear of heights or planes, but it is still no way nice.

Sometimes I wonder if there are more than a couple dozen of freaks in the world who, like me, hate the phones...
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